Life Style Photographer


What’s Abby’s Photography style?

Why investing in a professional?


Photography has evolved so much in the last 10 years and the new style is called “lief style photography.” which is a fancy term coined by this generation that aims to put people in real life situations and capturing portraits in a real and natural way. It’s meant for telling a story that will evoke a particular emotion or feeling that was felt at the exact moment the photo was captured.

Photography has become so much more than a perfectly posed portrait. its become a way to look back at a specific time and remember the feelings you had at that exact moment. Thus the term “all the feels.”


This is exactly the goal Abby aims to have with all her clients, capture those photos you didn’t even remember taking because you were swept away by the moment. These are generally the heartfelt most cherished photos.

So when you come along with Abby on a shoot she might ask you to play a silly game or go for a jog because who doesn’t want to look like Baywatch in at least one photo. She works specifically to make you feel and look good. so come prepared for a good time and some laughs along the way.


While posed pictures are still important and those will defiantly get taken care of for grandma and grandpa’s mantel she does her best to stay away from Pinteresty remakes. Its so important to create something new a one of a kind just for you.

Not everyone who has a photography business is a professional or even understands who to use their camera fully to create one of a kind images. So how does one know the difference? A professional has either a great deal of experience or professional education.


Abby is an experienced professional having completed her B.A. in Studio Art and has continued to practice and study photography over the past 10 years. Her desire is to continually master her craft through ongoing learning and mentoring. She knows and understands how to use all her gear fully to create unique one of a kind images. She even offers mentoring for newer photographers.


Abby’s professional editing style is bright, warm, and colorful with a sprinkle of breathtaking drama. She is a natural light photographer preferring the outdoors. Wedding day coverage is mainly photo journalistic with a fairly ridged list of specific moments she prefers to capture. Abby is comfortable with taking charge of important moments like your first look to get those perfect "photo album worthy" memories without a sweat.


If your looking to hire a professional with experience to capture your special day and knows the hidden gems right here in central illinois then aBBY is your girl. Let’s get to know each other and make some magic.