Life and Craft Workshop

This past spring was a dream. I flew down to Texas for 4 days to soak up every bit of knowledge from two fantastic photographers Luke and Cat! They have been in the biz for almost 10 years and graciously put on workshops to share all their wisdom a few times a year. Starting a photography business is no small task between the start up costs and the know how i was a bit short. I knew if I could just spend some time with some seasoned photogs i could be well on my way to making my dream come true.

There were so many great nuggets of knowledge they shared but one in particular I want to share with you! Luke and Cat are big advocates of heirlooms and they provide prints and alums to all their clients. I knew this about them but i just never understood why this was so important. I'm so grateful they helped me see their point of view. Just about everyone has pictures taken at their wedding in hopes to preserve their memories. Which makes sense! these are the kind of memories you want to last forever! Especially to the generations to come so they know where they came from. Maybe you can relate to this example.. you spent thousands of dollars to have a photograph capture every moment from your wedding day and after it was all said and done they mailed you a CD or Flash drive with everything on it.. you look through it once and then stash it in a drawer. Its been 10 years and you cant find your flash drive and you never printed a single photo. Um what!? you just spent all that money to never look at those images ever again? If only your photographer had offered to create an album or prints for you so you could quickly pick it up and look through them again. Cat has a special album from her grandparent wedding day and she cherishes those photos even though she wasn't present on that day she is given some insight to what it was like and who her grandparents were and she can easily go to it and look through them with friends and family.

I now want to share that same passion with Luke and Cat. I believe my generation has totally lost sight of what heirlooms are or the importance of passing history onto the next generation. I want to help my bride and grooms make their very own Family heirlooms from their special days. I want to create albums that are built to last and help savor those precious memories for all who look upon them. Lets invest in your Family history and provide you, your children and children's children with beautiful memories to cherish for life times to come. 

Here are a few beautiful images from the wedding style shoot Luke and Cat put together for us photogs to enjoy. They were truly dreamy to photograph!