Kaleb & Miah

This Engagement session was close to my heart. Miah is my dear sister-in-law whom I've known since she was born and is now all grow up and getting married to her love Kaleb who we couldn't be more happy to have stolen her heart. It was so neat to see how God worked to bring them together their story is truly unique. He grew up in a small town right next door and ended up moving out to Colorado for work after college. While he was home one week he stopped into @Mikas in Eureka for a cup of coffee little did he know he was going to meet a cute barista named Miah. She had always longed to move out west to the beautiful mountains and was quickly smitten by this young man she had just met. The more and more they talked the more God drew them together and made it clear that they were to be each others for a lifetime. This sweet couple is getting married July 14th and I cannot wait to walk along with them to celebrate. Miah has graciously asked me to stand up with her on their day so i won't be covering their wedding photos but go check out @Stephanie Bartman Photography she will be ran rangeling all us up and shooing some amazing photos go give her a like and a share. 

Abby Hirstein